I am tired of white women thinking and believing that I exist to serve them. That I exist as a way for them to explore the exotic without leaving the confines of their bubbles. I am tired of the hair questions, their resentful looks when a white guy actually shows more interest in me than them, the “oh, that’s weird” comment in their reaction to a white guy liking my afro, expecting me to be their on-call lecturer on all things race-related and demanding that I toss aside my well-being just to coddle and validate their feelings of being good white women who are dedicated to the cause of dismantling oppression. I am tired of white women who devalue our autonomy and believe we should be grateful that they take time out of their day to ask us questions. I’m tired of white women acting like they deserve a fucking medal for showing women of color the basic dignity and humanity we’ve been marching and dying for for the past four centuries.


This quote is from her essay Black Women Don’t Owe You Shit. It speaks to the very consistent problem of dealing with White women’s White privilege and how that impedes feminist discourse or even friendship. I completely relate to her on this and have written about this a lot myself. I could feel her tiredness here. The woman who harassed her online also included my Twitter handle in her harassment though I never spoke to this woman in my life. And her workplace experiences? Been there. Must read essay.

(via wocinsolidarity)